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— Daily Tune 08/02/2022

Rosa Anschütz Makes An Impressive Debut On BPitch With The Pumping “Their Blood”

German transmedia artist Rosa Anschütz has been one of the most exciting emerging artists we encountered here in the past years. Following lots of fascinating singles her 2020 debut LP Votive was a testament of musical strength and artistic determination. And it looks like that was just the beginning. Her latest single Their Voice is the first musical sign since signing to iconic electronic music label BPitch and it’s quite an impressive return. While her previous material was often driven by a ghostly atmosphere, this one feels like a more aggressive take as it mixes her distinctive sinister vocals with a pumping beat and sharp electronic elements. On top of it there’s an additional slowed-down part towards the end of the track which also shows a new facet. Rosa Anschütz is here to stay and this is the sound that’s clearly facing towards an exciting future. Well, we can’t wait for it. Next pit stop is her second studio album Goldener Strom which is set to arrive on May 27.

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