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— Daily Tune 15/09/2021

Jazztronica Meets RnB on the Ruby Francis and Blue Lab Beats Collaboration “Let Me In”

Ruby Francis teams up with the Duo Blue Lab Beats for a collaboration that showcases the talent of the artists in a collective manner on Let Me In. The jazzy instrumentation shifts from electronica, to hip hop and RnB inspired beats, just to melt into a soulful key solo. Blue Lab Beats merge a complex jazzy drumbeat with smooth synths and create the perfect Jazztronica backdrop to the singer’s RnB-style vocals. Based out of London, the jam session style freedom of instrumental arrangements matches the loose timber of Ruby Francis voice. She sings with ease – as if it weren’t a big deal just breathing out pitch perfect lines of lyrics. Later this year the musician is set to release her debut LP featuring collaborations, like Let Me In, but also solo work.

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