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— Daily Tune 14/06/2018

Rue Royale – ‘Thrown By The Wind’

It’s been almost five years since we last heard music from charming folk couple Brookln and Ruth Dekkeraka Rue Royale. The Nottingham-based Anglo-American duo took some time off following their last album which gave us such sweet tracks like Every Little Step. Following seven years of almost non-stop touring and recording the pair needed to reconnect with their friends and family and partly also themselves. Well, and they also become parents. On August 31, Rue Royale will release their new album In Parallel which was recorded with the help of Bon Iver‘s S. Carey. Thrown By The Wind is the name of its delightful opening track and the first piece of music from the new record. It’s a restless and powerful folk gem that presents the duo with new confidence and fresh energy. Welcome back, guys… it’s really been way too long.


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