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— Daily Tune 16/07/2020

Sad13 Delivers A Tempting Call To Arms With Her Indie Rock Gem “WTD?”

For nearly a decade, Sadie Dupuishas been a constant force in the international indie scene, celebrated for her literary lyrics, accomplished guitar playing, unwavering advocacy and embodied ethos of empowerment, whether with rock band Speedy Ortiz or her solo project Sad13 which heads more into pop territory but still breathes that undeniable lo-fi/DIY attitude. WTD? is the latest single from her upcoming second full-length Haunted Painting. It’s a powerful garage rock pop anthem. “WTD?” is short for “What’s the drama?” and despite its uplifting vibe the song is actually a sort-of call to arms as it deals with “eco-fascism, climate gentrification, and the depopulation of species, caused by human selfishness and industrial greed” as Dupuis explains. I really hope it awakes your fighting spirit. Haunted Painting arrives on September 25 via the artist’s own label Wax Nine.

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