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— Daily Tune 09/07/2020

SAND Co. Get In A Nocturnal Reflective Mode On “Darkness So Blue”

The brief moment before darkness and dawn is a special period of time, often romanticized in countless pop songs. Darkness So Blue by SAND Co. is not that sort of song although, it’s more of a bittersweet tribute to these lonely hours before a new day starts. Berlin-based songwriter and band-leader Ben Sandrock tells a personal story of the times when he struggled with his depression and tried to drown them with alcohol and music for as long as he could, often leaving him awake in those early hours. So, if you happen to love your Americana-infused folk with a mighty dose of melancholia this is a song for you. And, well, if you happen to love that sound in general I strongly recommend you Forever Laying Down, the freshly released debut album by SAND Co. which tells hauntingly beautiful personal stories. It’s a musical exclamation mark by the still quite new project so needless to say we’ll keep them on our radar for all future endeavours.

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