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— Daily Tune 28/11/2018

Sarah P. – ‘Mneme’

Alright, kids. Time for a brief lesson in Greek mythology. Did you know that Mneme was the muse of memory? Well, you do now and the hypnotic vibes of the same song by Greek dream pop songstress Sarah P. truly is something that will stuck in your head for the rest of the day. It’s monotone beat, that lush guitar loop and the singer’s whispering voice create something quite hypnotizing and slightly surreal; like a dazed summer dream. The trippy video underlines that notion and also features more ancient Greek muses in the form of Aoide (the muse of voice and song) and Melete (the muse of thought and meditation). It’s got that mantra-like vibe and the shimmering vibe definitely brings back memories of her former band Keep Shelly In Athens. A new Sarah P. EP which goes by the name Maenads will be released on December 14.

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