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— Daily Tune 12/11/2018

SASAMI – ‘Not The Time’

Kids, always arrive early to shows! Because maybe, just maybe, you’ll get to experience a real gem as support act and that’s exactly what happened last week when I attended the cosy Snail Mail gig in Berlin. Sasami Ashworth was supporting and despite her inconspicious look she quickly won the audience to her charm, grungy indie rock tunes and a certain amount of craziness that shines through her stage persona (she started her performance with an hysteric scream to get the audience into the room which worked pretty well). It was very entertaining and the songs did the rest. After a decade in the LA scene (and working with artists like Cherry Glazerr, Wild Nothing and SoKo) she just released her debut solo single via Domino Records. Both – the A-Side Callous and the B-Side Not The Time – deserve your attention. Bigger things are probably waiting for Sasami in 2019, I’m pretty sure about.

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