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— Daily Tune 26/04/2021

School Of X Returns With A Blast Of Warm And Bittersweet Nostalgia On “Away”

The ongoing Corona crisis definitely shook up our understanding of time and accelerated certain things. A second solo album by Rasmus Littauer aka School Of X wouldn’t have happened without the forced lockdown. Instead of touring last year’s tremendous debut LP Armlock Littauer was more or less “forced” to continue writing and reocrding. The result is his sophomore studio album which is fittingly titled Dancing Through The Void and is set for a release on September 24. Away is the first single we get to hear from it and it became a heart-warming piece of melancholic indie-rock that is driven by a certain feeling of nostalgia which is no surprise if you take a look at the circumstances it was recorded in – a hot, humid, rainy summer day in the attic in his parents’ house in the countryside. He adds: “When I think about this day I get this super melancholic feeling in my stomach that I usually get when I isolate myself for a period of time. It hurts but it’s so beautiful. There’s also something about going back to your childhood and remembering feelings and smelling smells that does that to me. It tells me that life is moving on, and it has for me too.” And once you listen to Away you simply have to agree. Great vibe, indeed and we’re happy to have School Of X back with new material

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