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— Daily Tune 07/01/2020

School Of X – ‘Write My Name’ (Trentemøller Rework)

Okay, fair enough when a track gets a Trentemøller remix treatment you can automatically count me in for it because a) it doesn’t happen as often as it used to and b) it’s usually of high quality. So, when the beloved artist decided to rework a track by School Of X, the project of his fellow Danish colleague Rasmus Littauer I automatically pay attention and I obviously very much love what I hear here. Compared to the quite dreamy original of Write My Name Trentemøller gave it a slightly nigtmarish twist as he only kept the original vocals for his rework. “My focus was to put together new chord progressions around the melody and a production that supported Rasmus’ vocals in a new way,” he explains the working progress. “I ended up creating something that’s almost a new song in itself from the inspiration I got from the vocals. It was a very exciting and rewarding project to do.” Indeed, yes and I can honsetly say I enjoy both versions equally. School Of X‘s EP Destiny came out last November and on January 17 it will be followed by Interpretations Of Destiny, featuring reworked versions of those songs.

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