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— Daily Tune 24/03/2020

Scott Matthew – ‘The Wish’

Don’t you sometimes look back at the work you did a couple of years ago and wished you could give it some fresh touches? That is exactly what the singer Scott Matthew did. The Wish is teasing his forthcoming LP Adorned, which contains ten reworked and reimagined versions of former singles. Coming with a fresh new video, The Wish keeps its intimate and personal vibe. The core of the track remains the same, minimal instrumentation, pained vocals, and elegant strings but gets a new dose of electronic synths. Still the tender ballad we are used to, Scott Matthew reminds again of the terrible assault on the gay bar in Orlando 2016, which initially inspired him to write the song to cope with the horrific news. The topic is sadly still not obsolete and with contemporary touches the artist brings is back to mind.

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