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— Daily Tune 16/07/2021

Self Esteem Bursts Of Confidence In Power Pop Anthem “Prioritise Pleasure”

Sometimes in life, we could all do with a little bit more Self Esteem. In this case, we are of course talking about the British artist Rebecca Lucy Taylor, who goes by that name when performing. Having released her debut album Compliments Please in 2019, which introduced us to her sassy, powerful persona, and made several “Album of the Year” lists, Self Esteem has been growing in confidence ever since. Managing to mix strong “I-don’t-give-a-fuck” vibes with a demand to be taken seriously, Taylor is undeniably one of the most unique and interesting artists around at the moment. Taken from her upcoming album of the same name, Prioritise Pleasure is as forthright and captivating as we have come to expect. A compelling song, with the distortion turned up to max and a glorious chorus, it sees Taylor explore sonic as well as personal boundaries. The video is equally captivating, showcasing Taylor’s growth as a performer with some flawless choreography. Speaking about the track, Taylor explains the motivation behind it: “My journey to accept myself is far from over, but over the last few years some of the age-old simple shit has started to finally kick in. Love yourself, be in the moment, put your needs first – that all used to feel so abstract and impossible but with a bit of will power (and writing a tonne of songs about it), I finally not only see the benefits but am actively enjoying them.” Prioritise Pleasure bodes well for the release of the album in October this year (via Fiction Records) and solidifies Self Esteem as an artist who commands and demands to be listened to for all the right reasons.

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