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— Daily Tune 15/11/2021

“You Have Seen Nothing Yet”: Sinead O’Brien Returns With Mighty”GIRLKIND”

Sinead O’Brien undeniably reminds of the early Patti Smith’s work. Maybe with a little less noise but the Irish artist’s spoken work-like vocals accompanied by punk-tinged riffs draw connotations to the musician. GIRLKIND follows her release Kid Stuff from earlier this year and shows that the artist is following a cohesive musical vision. Driven by heavy riffs, a present bass line, and percussive clicks, its is the voice that holds the elements together. “You have seen nothing yet”, Sinead O’Brien growls into the microphone, eyes shaded by large black glasses. And the bold energy of GIRLKIND leave you hoping we did in fact see nothing yet. Let’s see what the promising artist will cook up next.

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