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— Daily Tune 03/03/2022

Indie Punk Poet Sinead O’Brien Remains Determined On The Mighty “Holy Country”

“I stare at walls when I feel hollow”, Sinead O’Brien growls on her latest release. The Irish singer speaks rather than sings over her grungy songs. Between alternative rock and observational poetry Holy Country, like the previous outputs of the singer it sounds like a spoken word recital gone grunge rock. Sinead O’Brien chews the letters of her lyrics to strange shapes, allowing them to become part of the instrumentation. The off-kilter dynamic of the new release creates a slippery mood that fits the wry lyrics. The artist‘s knack for literary expressions is already foreshadowed by the album title of her forthcoming debut record Time Bend and Break the Bower which is set to arrive on June 10.

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