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— Daily Tune 10/07/2020

Sipprell Reaches A Nu Musical High With Contemporary RnB Gem “Nu Low”

Londoner multi-instrumentalist and singer Sipprell released Nu Low, a single following in line with her 2018 EP I Could Be Loved. The track is a glistening contemporary RnB gem, incorporating the artist’s mellow production style and even some classical cello lines. Sipprell’s clear and smooth vocals over the easily flowing beat create a sensual feel only the RnB greats get. “Oh this is your nu low” she croons playing with the aural quality of the English language. Sipprell sings off heartbreak and disappointment in such a beautiful manner you almost won’t realize the pained lyrics. Nu Low is the second single the artist released in 2020 and we are excited for more to come!

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