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— Daily Tune 22/09/2021

Sloppy Jane And A 21-Piece Orchestra Release An Unusual “Party Anthem”

This is probably the most unusual party anthem ever released. Sloppy Jane’s first single on Phoebe Bridger’s Saddest Factory label was recorded in a cave with an entire orchestra accompanying the singer, Haley Dahl. Party Anthem reflects the musical multi- and magnitude in each note. It is an ambitious track but lives up to the singer’s envisioned grandeur. Drawing analogies to the Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Sloppy Jane almost invade musical like terrain by making the track sound like a melodramatic performance. The single precedes the record Madison, recorded in nocturnal sessions in the same epic cave setting over the course of two weeks. Party Anthem already invites into a unique musical world and leaves a lingering expectation for the LP due in November.

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