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— Daily Tune 02/05/2018

Snail Mail – ‘Heat Wave’

Since 2016, Lindsey Jordan from Baltimore aka Snail Mail delights us with wise indie rock songs about adolescent feelings (which actually don’t have an expiry date). Last March saw the release of Pristine, the lead single off her upcoming debut album Lush which is out on June 8 via Matador. It’s a song about loving someone who doesn’t love you anymore. Heat Wave takes up that topic again: Feeling left behind by someone you care for but not being able to let go (‘Green eyes, what could ever be enough?’), missing that particular someone (‘Woke up in my clothes having dreamt of you’) but actually knowing that you don’t fit together (‘I’m not into sometimes’). And all of this is worsened by the lethargy of summer heat which is turned into full-blown energy in the accompanying ice hockey-themed video. Don’t mess with Snail Mail!

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