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— Daily Tune 14/02/2020

Soleima – ‘Roses’

We first wrote about Danish artist Soleima, aka Sarah Mariegaard, way back in 2015, but it’s been a while since we checked in. New single Roses put her right back on her radar, one of the best things we heard in January. Soleima’s talent is pulling in other genres into her pop songs, and on Roses she tosses in a little hip-hop rhythm and indie scratchiness to make something a little more off-piste and interesting. Kicking off with one of the iciest fuck-you lines you’ll hear this year (“If you has a penny for thoughts I don’t give you, you’ll be the richest alive”), it’s a fun listen just because of how little attention it pays to any rules, skipping freely between epic heights and stripped back lows, skittering along with snakes-and-ladders melodies and smart production touches, like the ghostly Soleima echo that follows her around the latter part of the song. It does its job as a pop song, as it’s endlessly catchy and listenable, but’s it’s also a little more wild and fun, a pop song with scuffed shoes. Roses is out now on Big Beat Records.

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