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— Daily Tune 18/05/2018

Solomon’s Seal – ‘O, My God’

We actually don’t know much about British songwriter Joseph Giffard Tutt and his alter ego Solomon’s Seal. All we have are the over seven minutes of musical bliss that go by the name O, My God. The debut single by the yet still quite unknown artist is a haunting piece of gentle folk, one of those songs that stops the daily rat race and the whole world around you. It forces you to listen, reflect and take a deep breath. The firts musical impact by Solomon’s Seal is a timeless, traditional and pretty tempting affair. His inspiration reaches back to the old heydeys of British troubadours and that gives this music even more power. It doesn’t want to be contemporary, hip or perfectly composed for all streaming service. It just exists as it lets the music do all the talking. It’s a special piece of music through and through.

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