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— Daily Tune 10/01/2019

Someone – ‘Pull It Together’

How to transport the long running tradition of psychedelic sound and vision into the 21st century? Groups like Tame Impala already gave a good example and it feels as if Amsterdam-based artist Tessa Rose Jackson aka Someone takes the idea even furtuer. While she already created a film for every track from last year’s debut EP Chain Reaction, the idea that goes along with the follow-up Orbit is even more ambitious. She has created an interactive Augmented Reality exhibition that will be presented in gallery spaces in Amsterdam, London, Berlin and Paris over the next months, making her audiovisual art an ultimate physical experience. Apart from that the music alone is already pretty wonderful. Pull It Together is a soulful piece of psychedelic pop that feels like an instant hit single. It illuminates the listener and therefor really brightens our day today.

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