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— Daily Tune 31/05/2021

Artist And Producer Someone Dwells In Bitter-Sweet Escapism On “Strange World”

The mellow bass line and the acoustic guitar strums mingle with the soft vocals on the first bars of Strange World. The first release from Tessa Rose Jackson, aka Someone’s, upcoming debut full-length Shapeshifter is a tender ballad. Its intimacy runs deep and feels almost like a lullaby whispered into your ear at night. With bendy strings and vocals layers, Someone crafts a multi-dimensional song that has nostalgia inherent to each note. The Dutch-British producer and visual artist says the song is about “stepping back into an old, fond memory. And though it welcomes you in every time, the more you revisit it, the more you begin to realize how much things have changed. It becomes a reminder that nothing is constant, not even you.” Strange World is painfully melancholic without being dramatic and a touching first taste of the record to come.

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