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— Daily Tune 04/05/2021

“Wide World” Is Sophie Janna’s Folky Ode To Modern Living

The world is too wide to travel alone”, Sophie Janna sings on her latest release Wide World. A stripped ballad and an ode to modern living, the single ventures into tender singer-songwriter terrain. With clear vocals accompanied by a capella style hums, she confesses her love to someone. “Only in music I dare to show my emotions”, the singer says and the need to express these emotions drives Wide World. Longing seeps through the mellow notes and the crooned vocals right into your bones. And the music does not need much to communicate, all the emotions are woven into Sophie Janna’s vocals. Inspired by Irish and Scottish folk ballads, the Amsterdam-born singer incorporates traditional instruments in her songwriting more of which we’ll get to hear soon when the singer’s solo EP comes out later this year.

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