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— Daily Tune 15/05/2020

Southern Shores Make A Tropical Return With Sparkling Track “Estrisa”

The music of Canadian two-piece Southern Shores has been a vital part of this blog and my life for the past ten years, ever since they first showed up on our musical map in 2011 with their Atlantic EP. Jamie Townsend and Ben Dalton are not rushing into releases which is both – a bliss and a bit exhausting. Following the great second EP New World in 2012 and the debut album Loja in 2016 another four years have passed before they now return with a new EP called Siena (Part I) (giving me hope that we don’t have to wait that long for a second part). All the qualities I’ve come to love about the Southern Shores sound are back on its first song Estrisa – lush grooves, shimmering and sun-drenched synths and an Avalanches-like approach towards sampling. The song spreads hope and optimism in a time what could surely use a bit more of this. However, there’s also this subtle melancholy vibe that always shines through the music of the duo but that just helps the music to unfold its full emotional potential. Siena (Part I) arrives on June 12 via Cascine.

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