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— Daily Tune 22/05/2020

Special-K Crowns “Lunatic Thirst” With Own-Space Ode “Dinner For 1”

Last when we were at SPOT Festival (remember festivals hahahahahahahaaaaaa….) and we spoke to Special-K, she mentioned working on a new EP. And now, little over a year later it’s here – say hello to Lunatic Thirst. Quest To Impress and Post Coital lead it off as singles, so two new songs appeared when the EP landed on Friday, and one of them is Dinner For 1. If you’re familiar with her earlier work, it’s classic Special-K, a dainty little lo-fi pop song that somehow keeps the two plates of lighthearted and a little sad spinning at once. But it’s also a song that’s self-fulfilled and comfortable in its own skin, and a song about those things, about making decisions that you’re content with, but also giving you a little leeway to daydream about what might have been. Special-K describes the new EP as the adult to her debut album I Thought I’d Be More Famous By Now‘s teenager, so there you go. It’s out now on Street Pulse.

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