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— Daily Tune 12/12/2019

Spielbergs – ‘Ghost Boy’

Similar to the best movies usually bursting out of the standard 90 minutes format (which cannot really be called a standard anymore) some songs should not be limited to the radio friendly 3.5 minutes. The Spielbergs show that beautifully. Spanning over a full eight minutes, Ghost Boy is an indie rock epos. With fuzzy guitars, a steady beat and the occasional xylophone adding the chocolate sprinkles on top, it is everything but boring. As you might have guessed, the band has more in common with cinema than the song length. Ghost Boy was one of the first songs the Norwegian band released and their first good guitar riff was born while watching the classic Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Luckily you do not need to reserve a seat to indulge in this musical gem. The band’s latest EP Running All The Way Home arrived in November, featuring Ghost Boy as a special bonus track.