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— Daily Tune 27/06/2019

Stef Chura – ‘Scream’

Fuzzy punk rock from Detroit hits like an avalanche with Stef Chura’s explosive single ‘Scream’ from her sophomore album Midnight released two weeks ago. The guitarist is letting out her anger and fury with noisy guitar riffs creating a thrilling and gritty single to which about anyone who has ever been angry and frustrated will be able to relate to. ‘If only you could hear me scream’ the singer shouts out passionately over the feverish and experimental indie rock instrumentation. Depicting the feeling of self-alienation, search for identity, and loneliness she shreds away in an empty high school gym. Scream ends in the only appropriate way to end a punk rock single – an eardrum-bashing crescendo of heavy distorted guitar riffs.

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