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— Daily Tune 24/01/2018

Stuart Mavis – ‘Ocean’

When I grew up in the 1990s we defined ‘radio hits’ as these sort of songs that weren’t totally crap in terms of quality (and compared to most major chart hits) while slowly becoming hits on their own through the power of the traditional radio landscape back then. I’m not really sure whether this still exists in the age of streaming but Stuart Mavis‘ debut single Ocean would haven been such a fitting example. The Dutch songwriter delivers a smooth piece of gentle folk pop that delivers uplifting vibs and a gentle feel-good vibe that’s not directly ‘in your face’. It’s the perfect tune for your car stereo and probably just a matter of time before Stuart Mavis and his fellow bandmates turn this one into an international radio hit all over Europe, no matter on which device you will listen to it.

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