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— Daily Tune 17/04/2018

SUB ROSA – ‘Magic Back’

Being one of my favourite new bands of this decade I was understably quite sad when British/American indie rock duo Big Deal split up in the summer of 2016, following three really wonderful albums. So, for a guy like me it’s now time to get excited about SUB ROSA which sees 50 percent of the band resurface in the form of Kacey Underwood. Along with his new fellow bandmembers the four-piece continues to follow the direction his former band took on their final 2016 LP Say Yes. The track Magic Back is a garage-infected indie-rock steamroller in finest Wolf Alice manner, being quite powerful and hypnotic at the same time. It’s got a bit of that old DNA but there appears to be even rawer confidence at work in this one. Needless to say, that we’ll keep an eye on the future output of SUB ROSA.

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