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— Daily Tune 21/11/2019

Surma – ‘Wanna Be Basquiat’

The title of this single Wanna Be Basquiat evokes a certain image of the artist’s wild, colorful, and almost abstract brush gashes. Similarly, the single works its way through basically all kinds of electronica you could think of creating a musical collage. The mastermind behind it, Surma, is the alter ego of the Portuguese one-woman band, which already gained acclaim for the 2017 debut Antwerpen. Now she continues with dense and noisy electronica pushing the musical boundaries a little further and the listener’s ears a little closer to bursting. Like an aggressive splash of colors, the single bursts out a punchy beat and distorted vocals. The artist fights to be confined to a genre and instead unites everything that is somehow experimental and electronic under her name. A brand new self-titled Surma EP arrives on November 29 via Omnichord Records.

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