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— Daily Tune 06/03/2019

Suzan Köcher – ‘Peaky Blinders’

If Tarantino was looking for the perfect soundtrack to a movie, his search would be over now. The gloomy groove of Peaky Blinders is the latest gem by the German singer and songwriter Suzan Köcher and a floaty genre-defying hymn. Mystically whispered vocals and a soul-influenced horn section launch the aural roller coaster. Shifting between psychedelica and folk-rock, the waves of synth kicking off the chorus, draw analogies to retro organ tunes. A slow beat and moody tunes create a cinematic, almost sinister feel and make the single the perfect song to imagine yourself walking way in slow motion from the house you just set on fire. Peaky Blinders is a little taste of the singer’s forthcoming second album Suprafon.

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