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— Daily Tune 06/05/2021

Tara Nome Doyle Teams Up With Federico Albanese For Chilling “Too Lost To Be Found”

As some of you might know, Tara Nome Doyle is no stranger to this blog and now she has just collaborated with neo-classic composer and pianist Federico Albanese for the their breathtaking debut single Too Lost To Be Found, teasing the upcoming EP The Moments We Keep. With solemn piano vibes the tune manages to highlight Tara’s vocal sincerity, gliding into a forceful dramatic finale, yet always maintaining a solemn melancholy. “The track is about the strange sensation of being overwhelmed with a situation and realising that you’ve been at the exact same point before, experiencing the same problems and finding the same solutions”, the duo explains. “We recognise that there is this mental amnesia that creeps in while we’re not looking, luring us back into old patterns, because there is a peculiar comfort in going back to what we know, even when we know it hurts.” Head right to the piece and stay tuned for more from these two in the near future!

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