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— Daily Tune 18/10/2019

Tara Nome Doyle – ‘Heathens’

Berlin-based singer and songwriter Tara Nome Doyle has vocals as crystal clear as sparking water and as colorful as the blooming flowers in spring. That she proves once again with her latest release Heathens. The single is driven by her distinctive vocals, which impress with their wide range and are accompanied by a punchy drum beat. With Heathens, the singer teases her forthcoming album Alchemy, due early 2020. The conceptual piece will trace the steps of an alchemical process, starting with the stage of primal matter. Representing the sentiment, the soaring keys are drowned in deeply resonating synth effects. A gloomy mood radiates from the instrumentation but is brightened by Doyle’s croons intensifying the subtle feeling of confusion and overwhelming impressions. If the record follows in the footsteps of the first release, it is surely one to watch out for!

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