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— Daily Tune 01/05/2020

Taura’s ‘Lucky Girls’ Is A Soulful Yet Partly Sad Ode To All Ex-Lovers

Ain’t no luck with a little bit of sin in life? Sometimes these lines get blurry and the latest music video by talented songstress Taura tells the story of that. The idea by the clip which was directed by mysterious yet Award-winning director Moon was shaped around the idea of ‘lucky number seven’. “From this, we decided to loosely base each scene around the seven deadly sins, with an element of bad luck running through each one,” explains Taura and the result are pretty wonderful visuals who are as hypnotizing as the song itself. Lucky Girls is a dreamy piece of R&B-infected pop, carried by her gentle vocal performance and a lot of love and soul. If you are a fan of Solange this might actually speak to you. According to the artist “the song  is about every person who has the opportunity of being your ex’s next big love, but they get the very best version of that person, who has already learnt all the tough lessons of love through you.” If you are now already in love with Taura‘s declicate music get yourself lucky by streaming her debut EP that also goes by the name Lucky Girls which is out now.

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