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— Daily Tune 03/06/2021

THALA’s ‘Bad Blood’ Is Finest Indie-Rock Melancholia For Warm Summer Days

There’s something really captivating about the dreamy indie-rock of Berlin-based newcomer THALA. I already told you about her charming single Takemeanywhere three months ago; now she reports back with an even better follow-up tune. The haunting Bad Blood is a bit more melancholic and laidback, it’s the perfect soundtrack for impending warm summer evenings and if you are in the need of a bittersweet mid-tempo indie-rock ballad this gem might safe your week. According to THALA Bad Blood is a song about non-mutual feelings. She explains: “I wanted it to become a message to all the people in love. Sometimes we really want to get under people’s skin so badly but there’s just no way, usually because the significant other is dealing with their own set of problems and simply has no headspace for someone else. It is however a statement to say that this never comes down to us/you loving or caring ‘too much’ but just the simple truth of acknowledging that it’s simply not meant to be and an encouragement to not validate yourself based on that.” Luckily, we’ll get more material from the talented songwriter since she just announced her debut album Adolescence which will be released on 17th September on Duchess Box Records

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