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— Daily Tune 24/07/2019

The Bland – ‘Stop For Me Baby, Please’

We already met the Swedish band The Bland on a little boat tour earlier this month. And like promised there is more from the funky, rock, psychedelica (or something in between) musicians. Stop For Me Baby, Please is the title of the minimalistic yet catchy tune. Based on simple percussions and smooth keys, the vocals are in focus. Singing of aching after a hopeless crush and debating whether to ‘just let it go’, the track has a upbeat and fun vibe rather than heartbroken. Shy funky guitar riffs mingle in the easy going melody and the horns round it up to a simple and charming single with many facets. The group’s debut full-length Beautiful Distance will be released on August 30 via Backseat/ Soulfood/ Believe Digital.

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