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— Daily Tune 17/05/2021

Australia’s The Goon Sax Return With Smooth Psychedelic Rocker “In The Stone”

Australian three-piece The Goon Sax have been making slow yet subtle waves in the indie rock scene over the past five years. Mirror II is the name of their freshly announced third album and it marks a new chapter for Riley Jones, Louis Forster and James Harrison. According to their own words it feels like “going back to square one and starting again.” In The Stone is a first single from the album and it feels like a refreshing piece of funky and slightly psychedelic indie-pop. I know, I know, plenty of mediocre artists label themselves “indie-pop” these days but The Goon Sax really know how to take a traditional independent music lo-fi scheme and add a certain pop sensitivity to it. It’s a truly wonderful little gem that reminded me a bit of Talking Heads and The Go-Betweens. Important fun fact here – Louis is actually the son of Robert Forster who founded The Go-Betweens in the late 70s. So, something seems to be running in the family here. Mirror II will be releases on July 9 via Matador Records.

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