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— Daily Tune 28/07/2021

Teen Punk Outfit The Linda Lindas Are Making Their Voices Heard on “OH!”

The library performance of their debut song Racist Sexist Boy took The Linda Lindas all across the internet. Now the teenage punk band are back with another single. OH! Comes with the same high energy riot grrl attitude as the previous. The four Los Angeles based band members shred out guitar riffs and chant in unison calling out a dysfunctional system which leaves their voices unheard. With thundering drums and noisy electric guitar, they shout against the fear of speaking out. The Linda Lindas will not go unheard. Jumping around in the colorful music video the four band members confront unjust discriminatory social structures with raging punk rock and are a force to be reckoned with disregarding their young age.

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