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— Daily Tune 21/11/2019

The Mauskovic Dance Band x L’Eclair – ‘Take The Money (Octopus Version)’

Hey girls and boys. How about Afro-Caribbean Space Sounds from Amsterdam? Yes, you are happily invited to insert a weed commentary right here. There’s a trippy groove that runs through this year’s self-titled debut album by The Mauskovic Dance Band that is just too irresistibel to not fall for it. Started by drummer Nicola Mauskovic the collective quickly grew and they are now joining forces with Swiss band L’Eclair for a collaborative split 7” which makes plenty of sense as they share a mutual love for slightly psychedelic funk grooves. Their love story started in late 2016 when both bands shared a stage for the first time during the Face Z Festival in Geneva. Since then, the two bands have spent their time touring and crafting their own visions of crunchy space future dance music so this new adventure makes far too much sense. The ‘Octopus Version’ of Take The Money is out now and it’s smooth one. The whole single arrives on December the 6th and if you happen to be in Berlin next week, don’t miss their show at Urban Spree. Want to join us? Send us a mail for free tickets. Yes, this is not a drill.

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