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— Daily Tune 15/01/2018

The Other End – ‘Far From Home’

Only rarely you stumble upon a debut single by a band that is of such high quality that you instantly long for more  material than just this one tune. Bergen-based two-piece The Other End and their first musical output Far From Home deliver a tremendous example for that. The reduced song unfolds unfiltered sadness, carried by the nocturnal vocal performance of singer Ida Knoph-Solholm: She and her musical partner Alexander Breidvik keep the musical setting to a sparse minimum and that’s the crucial decision that makes this song work so perfectly on an emotional level. Similar to bands like Daughter, early The xx and Swedish newcomers Wy less is indeed more for The Other End. The fact that Far From Home is based on a true story about almost losing a loved one, without being able to do anything about it, only underlines the effect. Needless to say that you could count me in for the duo’s first EP, arriving in March.

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