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— Daily Tune 21/06/2018

The Shacks – ‘Follow Me’

I know, usually our Daily Tune section is pretty much up-to-date but every know and then it’s good to make an exception for a song that’s already been out for five months. Today marks the official start of the summer and as I had breakfast and listened to my favourite Berlin radio station this morning (hey there, Flux FM) I stumbled upon this wonderful tune by The Shacks. Follow Me is the perfect anthem to officially welcome the year’s best season. It’s a slow grooving piece of smooth and sensual psychedelic pop/rock, carried by the charming voice of singer Shannon Wise. In a better world where quality radio stations would still matter and people would have better taste this would become a massive summer hit, despite being the opposite of massive. The band’s latest album Haze was released in March and you can bet your pancakes that this is the next one on my musical bucketlist.

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