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— Daily Tune 28/01/2019

Tom Gatza – ‘Sson’

Providing uniqueness in the musical field of neo-classic appears to be really dificult for many of us despite while in reality it’s probably nothing a composer like Tom Gatza strives for in the first place. It’s the music itself that provides the path, carries the listener to a certain emotional place while hopefully ignoring any expectations towards it. By doing that you simply let the music do all the talking and that’s basically what this Monday’s Daily Tune is all about. Sson is taken from Gatza‘s debut EP Melo which was released last fall. The track’s slow build-up results in a surprisingly big finale that feels very natural and not like a forced cinematic climax. And achieving this is probably way tougher than you might think. The clip your seeing right here is taken from a new set of motion visuals Gatza created with artist Fabian Dehi. During the composer’s forthcoming live shows the audience will experience a fascinating combiation between the music, the visuals and the movements that combine them all. Imagine playing the piano and having the movement of your fingers visualized at the same time. If you happen to be in Hamburg on March the 1st you will get the chance to experience this fascinating experiment live on stage.

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