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— Daily Tune 13/03/2019

Tuvaband – ‘Wolfpack (Sea Change Remix)

Tuvaband‘s 2018 debut album Soft Drop was one of last year’s secret highlights, but now we get to see the Norwegian musician’s work in brand new clothes, courtesy of a remix of the Soft Drop track Wolfpack by fellow Berlin-based Norwegian Sea Change. Here, the original’s fragile, artfully-constructed acoustic tapestry is switched out for soft, subtle electronica. with Sea Change‘s main genius being the revelation that you can unfurl the spectral power of Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser’s vocal over smooth, minimal house too. It works as a new composition in its own right, and you can’t give a remix a higher complement than that. Sea Change says: ‘Doing a remix is a perfect excuse for trying something you’ve never done before. In this one I got the pleasure of indulging in my new fascination for tech house. Trying to make my own swing of it, working with Tuva’s amazing voice’.

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