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— Daily Tune 04/07/2019

Twen – ‘Damsel’

Nashville-based two-piece Twen – aka vocalist Jane Fitzsimmons and guitarist Ian Jones – have been touring a lot over the past two years and somehow forgot to actually record an album. Piror to the freshly announced debut LP Awestruck the only recorded material by the duo was a live cassette from their first ever live performance in a basement in 2017. So, that’s as ‘DIY’ as it can get, right? Now, they finally entered a studio, signed to Frenchkiss and surprise us all with their fuzzy new single called Damsel. It’s a stubborn piece of retro-infected independent rock, carried by energy and attitude and I simply love it. Twen are still their own bosses and I surely hope it will keep it that way. Awestruck arrives on September 20 and Damsel arrives right here for your daily indie music delight.

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