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— Daily Tune 05/12/2018

VEE 303 – ‘Wounded’

One of Berlin’s most anticipating underdog bellas finally returns to the musical spot. After mesmerizing debut single Innocence put listeners immediately to R’n’B heaven in style of FKA Twigs or Banks, VEE 303 presents her newest effort Wounded – accompanied with a hypnotic and sensual music video. Gothic-stills and red lights are dominating elements of the short clip – with the songstress turning viewers into her spell. Lyrically, the song dives into deep emotional territory: ‘Wounded is about the dynamic of control between two people and how it can be a liberating experience to just let someone take over’, the singer explains. ‘It can give you some kind of freedom to not worry about the world for a second and indulge yourself in the moment. It is a reflection on how I experience salvation through pain and the contradictory forces of violence and beauty.’ Stay tuned for new releases of this promising artist in 2019!

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