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— Daily Tune 17/12/2020

Villa Rivercat Take Us To The Swedish Countryside With Their Folky Single “Two Minutes”

Fine indie folk comes from the Swedish country side with Villa Rivercat’s latest release Two Minutes. Thankfully the ballad is not only two minutes long but spans over more than five, featuring harmonies by the three vocalists of the six-piece. Formed in 2015 the band released their debut record Days and Weeks and Hours in 2017 and are now back with a new release balancing Americana influences by folk greats like Joni Mitchell and traditional Swedish folk. Villa Rivercat interpret folk at its best and turn their songs into melodic collages transporting you to some remote country side by merely listening. Acoustic guitar, harmonica, and the pained lead vocals by William Lindberg make for a magical triad. Two Minutes is a five-minute-long journey and about as good as contemporary indie-folk gets.

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