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— Daily Tune 10/06/2021

Vincent Littlehat And Chris Zippel Are Heading “Into The Stars” On Powerful Pop Smasher

Having established herself as a professional and successful model Vincent Littlehat isn’t stopping here and is looking for new forms of expression. Music plays a crucial part here and Into The Stars is a great testament of her pop sensibility. Crafted together with acclaimed synthpop veteran Chris Zippel (who previously worked with pop icons Pet Shop Boys and Robbie Williams) the song is a dazzling piece of dreamy electro pop escapism on which Littlehat delivers a powerful yet sensual vocal performance. “The lyrics are inspired by a state of silence when I temporarily replace a need for control with an empty space, in my mind staying present with that experience,” she explains. “It can be generated by a frivolous dance, meditation and similar practices. I use all in moderation.” The fantasy-like music video underlines the notion of the song. Directed by Mehran Djojan it features dancer and TikTok star Louis Seriot who gets drawn into a colourful TV transmission. It’s a hidden pop treasure that deserves its spot in the limelight of your hearts and summer playlists so come and get it.

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