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— Daily Tune 28/02/2019

ViVii – ‘Love Love Love’

With voices harmonizing like fitting puzzle pieces and a subtle but catchy electronic beat, the Stockholm trio ViVii brought us Love Love Love as a little taste of their forthcoming album due in March. The track paints a vivid picture of a love story with its up and downs but after all with a happy ending, more specifically of Emil and Caroline Jonson’s story. ViVii is the married couples’ other love child and combines their passions for dreamy pop soundscapes and ethereal hooks. The outcome is a hauntingly beautiful ode to love, on which delicate vocals, vulnerable lyrics and an acoustic beat manage to create something that is uplifting yet melancholic at the same time. Listen to Love Love Love to drift off into the land of bliss and fairy tale kind of love stories or just for the perfect soundtrack to a sunny day after the rain has passed. The band’s self-titled debut album arrives on March 15 via Dumont Dumont / Rough Trade.

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