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— Daily Tune 19/09/2019

Voodoo Beach – ‘Desolat’

We already met the Berliner four-piece Voodoo Beach at Stowkower Festival Alinæ Lumr. Desolat is the first single following their debut EP OZEAN. The angsty lyrics speak of loosing oneself looking for the good old times. Sung in german, lead singer Vivi’s vocals have a special laconic slur to them giving the bass-heavy instrumentation an edgy vibe. The throbbing bass-line and the guitar riff create a somewhat doomed mood and turn the single into an unsettling affair. Like rock held on a leash, Desolat is a numbing fusion of instruments aching to break free. It matches the lyrics by expressing the feeling of being unable to cope with the overwhelming influences of modern living.