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— Daily Tune 29/11/2021

Why Bonnie Unleash Warm Indie Rock Nostalgia On “Galveston”

Ever been to Galveston, Texas? Songwriter Blair Howerton has and the latest single of her band Why Bonnie is an emotional and nostalgic tribute to the countless childhood trips she had to that litttle island. “An ode to Galveston, Texas — the capital of ghosts and good memories,” she describes it in a statement. “One of the most literal recollections of growing up in Southeast Texas, ‘Galveston’ is a snapshot of an old childhood haunt.” The warm and melancholic spirit of the song really underlines that vibe and feels like a fitting musical surrounding for a song about “candyland beaches”. The video, however, is a slightly darker affair as Howerton explains: “I wanted the video to reflect the experience of digging through old memories which sometimes really feels like finding little spotlights coming through the darkness.” Why Bonnie deliver a lovely tune that works perfectly in the darkness AND the light and we hope you’ll all enjoy it.

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