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— Daily Tune 20/12/2019

Wild Cat Strike – ‘Lemonade’ (feat. Natalie Evans)

We all made it. It’s the end of the year and actually the end of this decade so this is the final Daily Tune before a little seasonal break. And as we’re approaching Christmas and the end of the year we decided to head for a truly tender finale here, delivered via a gentle acoustic session from Wild Cat Strike and Natalie Evans. Wild Cat Strike is a Brighton-based indie-rock four-piece whose debut album Rhubarb Nostalgia is packed with pretty intense and powerful tunes, including Lemonade. This more reduced version however is a totally different affair. Bandleader Danny Byrom is joined by songwriter and harpist Natalie Evans from Kent who adds a fragile notion to the song. The result is a haunting little acoustic ballad and the perfect piece of music to get yourself ready for Christmas, even though it got nothing to do with the festive season, obviously. The song is taken from The Blood Orange Sessions EP which was released this summer and saw Wild Cat Strike interpret their mighty sound in a more acoustic way. We hope this one will warm your heart on this cold winter day. See you in 2020.

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