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— Daily Tune 18/09/2019

Will Samson – ‘Ochre Alps’

Songwriter Will Samson is not only one of the most restless artists we encountered in the almost ten-year long history of NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION but he’s also been very close to our hearts over the years, giving us countless great tracks, remixes, a mixtape and even once an article about meditation. It’s always a joy to see him return with a new project because you never know what you get … well, except really great music. Paralanguage is the name of his forthcoming album and its first single arrives in the form of the wonderful dreamy Ochre Alps. The hypnotizing and dreamy music video that comes with it was also inspired by an actual dream Mr. Samson had as he explains. “The starting point for Ochre Alps was a dream. In it, I found myself stuck half way up a mountain, with my foot lodged deep in the snow. I looked up into the distance to see other climbers reaching the top and below me was a long descent back down. My short analysis is that some old patterns had to be shed in order to move forward. The lyrics that made their way onto the final song were written after a gentle psilocybin journey in the countryside, which naturally eased its way into the song, thematically blending with the mountain dream.” So, please expect six minutes of audiovisual dreaming with this stunning tune. The album Paralanguage arrives on December 6 via Wichita Recordings.

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